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Refurbished Apple products

Refurbished Apple products
April 16, 2013
Apple is one brand that doesn’t discount, which is why you won’t walk past your local Apple Store and see big red sale banners in the window, or for that matter see discounts on it’s products at third party retailers like John Lewis. Demand is so high and people appear to be willing to pay the price set – unlike other computer and phone manufacturers they are less comparable products.

So what does this mean? Well two things essentially – 1) They hold their value in the world of auction sites like eBay and for trade-ins, which means the effective cost over the life span is less, and 2) Don’t hang around waiting for a sale at the Apple Store because it just won’t happen. There’s one day a year it does offer discounts, and that’s on Black Friday at the back end of November.

There is a solution though if your budget won’t quite stretch for your desired iPad, iMac or iPod – refurbished Apple products.

What are pre-owned Apple products?

If a customer has returned a product for any reason, whether it’s due to technical issues or another reason, an stringent quality refurbishment process is put in place by Apple. This means it’s fixed (if required), re-boxed, checked thoroughly and then sold to a new customer as a refurbished unit.

The benefits:
  • Strong discounts – up to 25% in some case
  • Warranty – anything sold as a pre-owned unit still comes with the 1 year warranty offered by Apple on all products
  • Like new – the refurbished iPad, iMac, Macbook or iPod will be in 100% working condition, undergoing a thorough cleaning process and inspection
  • Boxed and ready to go – you’ll receive it in a new box, with all appropriate cables and manuals, together with all operating software that was originally shipped with the unit

The drawbacks:
There may be some cosmetic imperfections such as small scratches, discolourations or marks. This is a small price to pay though for the discount received.

Other considerations when buying a refurbished Apple product:
Check when an updated model, such as a new iPad mini, is due to be released. Older versions are often reduced in price, as we saw with the iPad 2 when the new generation was released, which means you may only have to wait a couple of months anyway for the same drop in price.

If you’re craving it now, check out what refurbished iPads, Macs and other products are available at the Apple Store. This week alone we’ve found 11% off the iPad mini (bringing it down by £30), a 25% discount on a refurbished iPad 2 (dropping the price by £100) and another 25% off the 13.3” Macbook Air, which cuts the cost by a massive £250.

You can also put these savings to good use by getting some accessories such as a case, keyboard or mouse so you’re set and ready to go with your new piece of tech.  New items are added to the section frequently so make sure you check back regularly at the official Apple Store discount page on to see what’s on offer each week.

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