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Apple Launches Cheapest iPhone To Date

Apple Launches Cheapest iPhone To Date
April 05, 2016

On March 21st 2016, Apple held another of its keynote events to announce new product launches and updates. The most anticipated launch was that of a new smaller iPhone, dubbed the ‘SE’ model by industry insiders.

All of the rumours were confirmed to be correct at the event, down to it’s name as the iPhone SE. On the outside the design is almost identical to the iPhone 5S, which was originally launched in 2013 at a starting price of £549.

It’s on the inside though where there are huge differences, with all components upgraded so it’s actually a completely different phone. The best part - the launch price is a massive £190 cheaper than what the iPhone 5S previously cost. That’s right - £359 and a spanking new iPhone SE will be yours.

Even when the iPhone 5C was launched alongside the 5S as the cheaper alternative (basically the budget option), it had a starting price of £469. So the biggest news from the Apple keynote event was actually the price of the new SE, as analysts had predicted almost everything else to the tee.

At £359 the iPhone SE isn’t exactly cheap – you can still pick up a decent smartphone for half the price. But when compared to other Apple products, it offers massive value for money.



iPhone SE Tech

For a start, the processing chip is the same as in the iPhone 6S, so you’ll benefit from the latest technology and a better experience (in the same way as when you boot up a new PC compared to your 3 year old model).

The camera is also a huge improvement from the iPhone 5, boasting a whopping 12 mega pixels which was unheard of 4 years ago. Ah but the one problem with the 5 was the battery dying after a day I hear you cry. Apple have promised there will be noticeable improvements on this front too.





iPhone SE Design

Looks wise if you loved the iPhone 5, there’s nothing to split them apart with the SE. It’s got the same 4-inch screen you knew and loved before Apple supersized it with the 6 and 6 Plus.

It’s available in colours to suit all, including Rose Gold, Gold, Silver and Space Grey – so there’s no skimping on choices just because it’s a cheaper handset.

If you did have the 5, didn’t upgrade to the 6 due to the size, the iPhone SE should put a serious smile on your face and the price is a huge bonus on top.




Further Apple Price Cuts

For Apple enthusiasts, two other bits of news announced at the event follow a similar line – a reduction in price. First up, the Apple Watch will now be available from £259 with selected new straps.

Second – the iPad Pro is now available with a smaller 9.7” screen (the same as the iPad Air), costing £499. This compares to £679 for the standard 12.9” display, again making it a far cheaper alternative if you’ve been waiting to get your hands on one.

Let’s hope Apple continues this practice or providing significant reductions for alternatives to its core products so you can get your hands on the latest tech for less.





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