How it Works is driven by technology to make it easy for you to save and share online. We match your favourite brands and products to great offers, which means you get personalised offers, delivered directly to your feed in the ‘My Offers’ part of your member account. We also make sure that you can quickly see the most popular offers on the site, as voted for by other members.

So how do we do it?

1) To provide you with personalised offers we identify your favourite brands and products on Facebook, as well as offers we think you’ll like based on your interests such as fashion or travel.  For example, if you've liked ‘John Lewis’ on Facebook, we’ll recommend any offers that are available from

 Here's an example of how it looks:

If you’re already on Facebook please use the ‘Log in with Facebook button’ and you’ll get instant access to personalised offers for the brands you love. Don’t worry if you’re not on Facebook, you’ll also receive personalised offers and these will be based on your interests, favourite brands selected on the site and what similar people like on

You can add and remove brands to your list of favourites at any time within your 'Account Settings':

2) To make it easy for you to see the most popular offers and brands we use a unique rating system. This works by creating a total for the number of times an offer or brand is shared on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. We think this is a great way to see how popular an offer is as only great offers are shared. We hope you’ll love the offers and brands that we list on the site so please share the link so that other members in the community can benefit.

Here's an example of how we show you the Top Brands across the site:

3) We use social sharing buttons everywhere on, we love them, can’t get enough of them and use them to help you to find the top offers. To share an offer it takes just one click, or you can share a brand you like or a great blog post in our Savvy Saver Magazine. We’d love you to share the things you love so that other members  (and your friends) can benefit.