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iPhone 5S Vs iPhone 5

iPhone 5S Vs iPhone 5
September 17, 2013
Apple recently announced the global launch of two new iPhone models – the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. The event was done intypical Apple style, with the world poised to see how the company is aiming to target emerging markets with a cheaper version of the leading smartphone. Unfortunately investors weren't hugely impressed with the iPhone 5C, causing a drop in the share price. The iPhone 5C however had a better reception, with many industry leaders impressed with the upgrade. We’ve done a direct iPhone 5S versus iPhone 5 comparison so you can see what the main differences are before deciding whether or not to upgrade or to switch from your existing mobile.

Apple iPhone 5S design

You’d be pushed to see any immediate differences in the design of the new iPhone 5, with the build materials remaining the same, as are the dimensions and weight. One addition we do have however is a new colour added to the range, which is champagne gold – sure to attract attention in some of the global markets where gold really does mean wealth. You’ll also spot metallic trim around the Home button which we love as it helps to add some contrast to the front of the handset.

iPhone 5S camera

The iPhone 5S camera offers 8 mega-pixels which is the same as the standard iPhone 5, however the image quality has been improved by a larger aperture and tweaks to the back light sensor and flash. The difference is noticeable and will attract happy snappers who don’t tend to use a separate digital camera as it automatically adjusts to the conditions to try and make the picture as sharp as possible. 

iPhone 5S hardware

Inside the new iPhone 5S are where we really start to see the differences compared to the previous iPhone 5 model, with a new A7 processor which Apple claims to be twice as fast the previous processor. This means the iPhone 5S is even more responsive and gaming should be even more enjoyable thanks to a graphics hardware upgrade on top.
Storage remains the same, with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB available across the range, and no changes have been made to the battery. Apple claims playback time has increased due to the other upgrades on the hardware which makes the iPhone 5S more efficient, minimizing the loss of battery power.
We now move on to the major change which appears to have caught the eye of the industry and caused some speculation along the way. The iPhone 5S is equipped with a new Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the Home button, enabling you to unlock the phone with just the touch of a button. It’s a nifty feature and Apple hope it will help to reduce thefts and people will no longer be able to steal the phone and use it by using software to obtain password access. The scanner can also be used for purchases from the App Store, as well as in-app purchases, which makes it a great feature for anyone suffering from children running up bills from downloading apps to their hearts content.

iPhone 5S Vs iPhone 5 – is it worth the upgrade?

In all honesty, no. Unless you are always the first to have new pieces of tech you’ll pay a lot for features that are nice, but aren’t going to change your life. The fingerprint scanner is probably the best addition, especially for anyone with kids. However, most of us won’t be too bothered about the increase in processing speeds unless you relentlessly play games on your iPhone and the improvements to the camera is an upgrade you’d expect at this point in the iPhone’s life. 
If you haven’t already got an iPhone though, now might just be the time to take the plunge as this latest model is packed full of features compared to other smartphones and really is a thing of beauty. The iPhone 5S is just about as beautiful as phones can get so it’s no surprise that Apple don’t look to drastically change the design each time a new version is launched.  

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