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Buying pre-owned Bang & Olufsen equipment

Buying pre-owned Bang & Olufsen equipment
April 10, 2013
Founded in Denmark back in 1925 by two engineers, Bang & Olufsen has gained an enviable reputation for producing some of the very best audio equipment that money can buy. The finest materials are used during manufacturing and although the design always takes precedence, sound quality is never compromised. The result – each product is an absolute masterpiece in engineering, a design icon and a piece of technology that will stand the rigors of everyday life. This is important, as unlike many other technology products, there is no reason why you shouldn’t look to buy second hand Bang & Olufsen audio visual equipment. As each one is like a work of art, there are no problems with it dating, likewise investment in heavily placed into new technologies used which means they’re just about as future proof as you can get. This isn’t like buying an old BT cordless phone or JVC TV, the only thing it could be compared to is getting yourself a classic pre-loved Porsche 911.

As you can probably see by now, I’m a huge advocate and the reason is because 18 months ago I bought a Bang & Olfusen Beocom 6000 telephone second hand. The cost – just over £150 including the stand unit, it’s 7 years old and brand new would have had a hefty price tag of around £400. This gives an indication of the price that these can still command, but it’s still a huge discount on the RRP at new and like Apple products, you won’t find anything new from B&O reduced.

The Bang & Olfusen Product Range

Telephones form a significant part of the collection and always have, from the Beocom 2 which stuck a note due to it’s tall, banana-like shape, to the previous Beocom 6000. This version allows you to connect up to six cordless handsets together and so you can have your own internal phone system for the home or office (as well as using them for outbound calls). Simplicity is at the heart of the system, with memory features, caller ID and the name if it’s already stored, all replicated across all handsets in your system automatically.

The Beovision range of televisions isn’t for the faint-hearted, with some aftermarket models still commanding prices close to an eye-watering £8,000. However, smaller and older versions can be picked up for under £2,000 and still offer the same stunning picture quality, super sound and beautiful design.

Audio products including music systems and separate speakers are what are the brand is most well known for. The classic Beosound systems are still icons of today, with glass doors that slide effortless with the wave of a finger, and speakers so thin you can hang the whole unit on the wall. The Beosound 9000 with it’s six CD console is now one of the most popular systems and will set you back around £1,800, older single CD decks are a far more affordable £350-£500.  If you are only looking for pre-loved Bang & Olufsen speakers you’ll pay anything from £800 to £9000. These are sometimes the best option as there are less concerns about future technologies like you may have with the TVs (such as integrated Freeview or 3D technology) and offer an unrivalled sound experience.

Where to buy second hand Bang & Olufsen

As with all larger investments in pre-owned technology you should see the product in person, pick it up, hear it, check it’s condition. This is impossible to do with eBay, unless you’re picking it up rather than opting for delivery. I’d take caution from buying from personal sellers and opt for reputable companies, such as More Than AV or Lifestyle AV. You’ll sometimes receive a guarantee which will provide further piece of mind during the first few months/year that at least if something does go wrong, you’ll be covered.

Prices are still higher than more traditional AV brands, but with B&O you’re making an investment in technology and design, making it more cost-effective when you calculate the cost over a 20 year product life span for example.

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