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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Hacks

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Hacks
February 09, 2016

So it's under a week until Valentine's Day and you've got nothing organized. Or you did but it’s now fallen through and you've got no idea how to get something fixed in time.

Use these last minute Valentine's Day hacks to come out on top this year and show that special someone just how much you care.


Heart-ify Breakfast in Bed


Heart Shaped Cookie Cuttie


Pop down to your local kitchenware store (or use Amazon if you're a Prime Member to get next day delivery) and pick up a set of heart-shaped cookie cutters.

They may be meant for cookies but are just as good for cutting out heart shapes in bread before toasting. You can make your partner's breakfast in day a little bit more romantic and start the day off a winner.


Give Them an Adventure

Plan a treasure hunt around the house (and garden weather permitting) that they've got to follow. You can place clues at each new place on the hunt, resulting in them finding your romantic gift (or you yourself) as the treasure.

They'll love how much thought you put into it and you can use the questions/clues to remind them of all the great times you’ve had together so far. For an extra surprise, add a glass of champagne next to a couple of clues along the way.


Get Creative with Tea Lights


Valentines Day Tea Lights


If you’re staying in on Valentine's Day, buy yourself a bag of tea lights (you can normally pick up a bag of 50 for a few pounds) and don’t use them sparingly. If you know your partner will be having a relaxing bath, offer to run it for them and decorate the entire bathroom with tea lights.

If you're cooking dinner, create a path of tea lights to where you'll be eating and then use just a small amount of background lighting to create an unbelievably romantic space.

Just be warned – tea lights can get hot so make sure they're placed on a solid surface that can't catch fire.


Show That You Listen

Gifts don't have to be expensive to show how much you care. Throughout the day, show them just how much you know about them.

Staying in to watch a movie? Make sure you've lined up a few of their favourites, topped off with their favourite tipple.

Cooking dinner? Give them a meal to remember by picking all of their favourites. The point is that its what they love, and they'll appreciate the fact you have actually listened and know what they love, and that you’ve forgone your favourite things to you can make them happy. 





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