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7 BBQ Hacks To Make Yours Amazing

7 BBQ Hacks To Make Yours Amazing
June 14, 2016

Make sure your BBQ party doesn't sizzle out this year with these simple tips and tricks to make yours awesome.


1) Get Hot Coals Every Time With a Chimney Starter

BBQ Chimney Starter

One of the most common BBQ fails is getting the coals hot enough in the first place. If the coals aren't at the perfect temperature, the food will take forever to cook and you're likely to only have a small amount of surface to cook over.

Invest just £15 in a chimney starter to get perfect coals every time. All you have to do is place the coals in it, light it and then when the coals are evenly heated, tip them into the BBQ.




2) Add herbs to the coals for extra flavor

Herb Seasoning on BBQ

Place a few sprigs of fresh rosemary or thyme to the coals (no dried herbs here please!) to add some extra flavor to the BBQ food.

They'll also smell amazing while your BBQ is cooking, guaranteed to get your guests' taste buds tickling before you've even begun.



3) Use Dual Prong Skewers for Kebabs

Dual Prong BBQ Skewers

If your kebabs usually end up half the size they started at with the other half at the bottom of your BBQ, invest in a set of dual prong skewers. The extra prong makes a huge difference and the food is more likely to stay on, resulting in perfect kebabs every time.

Make sure you opt for metal ones so you can throw them in the dishwasher after the BBQ and re-use them in the future. Wooden versions may look nicer but they're good for one use only.



4) BBQ Fish On Lemon Slices

BBQ Fish Lemon Slices

Slice a lemon and lay the pieces out on the BBQ grill. Then place your fish fillets directly on the lemon so they don't stick to the grill.

You'll also get the bonus of a fresh zesty lemon taste to the fish as it cooks, making this hack perfect for salmon or trout.



5) Spray Marinade on Meat During Cooking to Keep it Juicy

BBQ Marinade Spray Bottle

Keep any marinade you've made for the meat and pour it carefully into a spray bottle. Then while the meat is cooking on the BBQ, give it a regular spray to infuse more flavor and keep it nice and juicy.

This works especially well for beef – just remember to remove any large particles from the marinade to prevent them from clogging up the spray nozzle.



6) Use Hinged Grills for Easy Flipping

BBQ Hinged Grill

You can use hinged grills to cook everything from burgers to bangers and they turn BBQ'ing into an absolute breeze.

Place your meat or veg on the bottom grill panel, pull the top panel over and then you can flip every few minutes with a simple turn of the handle. This will save your sausages rolling across the lawn and ensure you get even cooking every time.



7) Keep Food Warm in a DIY Foil Case

Foil Oven Tray

Use a couple of disposal foil oven trays or roasting tins to keep food warm before serving it. After its been cooked on the BBQ just place the food into one of the trays and place the other tray upside down on top.

The foil will reflect the heat back in and your guests will enjoy your cooking before it has a chance to cool down.





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