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Festival Hacks – 5 Tips You Need to Know

Festival Hacks – 5 Tips You Need to Know
June 20, 2014

Whether you’re a festival virgin or a seasoned pro, these nifty festival hacks will help you throughout the weekend.

Money BeltKeep cash safe with a money belt

The worst experience you can suffer is having your money nicked on day one – not everyone at the festival is there for a good time.

Ditch the wallet and get yourself a money belt to wear under your clothes – it makes it a hundred times harder for someone to steal your hard-earned cash. You can pick them up for a few quid at and they’re also great to use in crowded cities, where pickpocketing is rife.  





Dry ShampooUse dry shampoo to keep things fresh

One primarily for the girls (or gents who love their luscious locks), is the amazing dry shampoo.  It’s brilliant for festivals as it doesn’t require any water and will keep your hair looking and smelling fresh all day long.

All of the big chemists and beauty retailers stock it, including Superdrug from just over £1 a can. You can also take it one step further by picking up shower wipes, which are essentially baby wipes for adults.


Portable chargerKeep your gadgets alive with a portable charger

Portable chargers are a must for festivals with most smartphones only holding out for a day. Rather than getting a charger just for your iPhone, we think the Mr Boost charger (available at iWOOT with £7 off for £12.99) is your best option.

Why? Because it’ll charge everything from digital cameras to tablets (and your smartphone) – making sure you’re always powered up for those selfies.





Waterproof bagPrepare for the rain with a waterproof bag

Now you’ve managed to keep your iPhone alive with a portable charger, don’t let it die by getting obliterated in a downpour. If you’re heading to a festival in the UK, chances are it WILL rain at some point – it’s the law.

Keep all of your valuables (plus clothes) nice and dry by getting a waterproof hiking bag, not the crappy sandwich bag variety – a proper one! They don’t cost a lot – this one is currently on offer for just £5 from, and will be the savior of your weekend.




Car Finder AppUse a free car finder app to find your bed each night

So it’s the end of the day and all you want is your bed, albeit it a pretty bad one in a cramped tent. Just one problem – you’re faced with thousands of tents which look identical in the dark.

The answer – download a free car finder app such as Take Me To My Car  before you go. After pitching your tent at the festival you can then set your current location (exactly the same as you’d do for a car) and then relax, safe in the knowledge the app will direct you back to your tent.

There are official Tent Finder apps available in the app store but none are free and these free car finder apps do exactly the same thing – bargain!




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