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7 Simple Steps For Finding a Part Time Job at Uni

7 Simple Steps For Finding a Part Time Job at Uni
January 28, 2014
If you’re like most other students, you’ll constantly be dipping into your overdraft to cover those nights out and household bills. 
Having a part time job whilst studying at University is a great way to earn extra cash and show future employers (after graduation) you have time management skills. 
We asked leading student job board,, for their top tips and advice on how to stand out from the crowd and land a part time job at Uni. They believe finding part time work can be easy if you just follow these seven top tips:
1) Create a plan and stick to it
Dedicate that free period in between lectures to searching for jobs online. Creating a plan will help you to get into a routine of job searching. 
Being first of the mark is advantageous as some companies begin recruiting before the application deadline date if they receive a high number of quality applicants.
2) Tailor, tailor, tailor!
Change your CV and cover letter to fit the job vacancy you are applying for. Companies can tell when you have created a vague CV and cover letter you apply to all jobs with.  This shows laziness and lack of creativity. 
3) Research
Spend time researching each company you apply to whether it’s  a corporate or cleaning role . Companies love to see applicants that have spent a little time getting to know the company. 
Bonus:  This also helps the dreaded ‘So…why do you want to work for us?’ interview question. 
4) Look out for seasonal jobs
Companies are always looking for extra employees in the busy seasons.  Get prepared and start searching and applying for summer jobs now. 
5) Keep it clean
More and more companies are regularly reviewing applicants’ social media posts, alongside their CV and cover letter. If you are applying for a new job avoid writing inappropriate posts on Facebook and Twitter. 
6) Don’t be scared to ask
Not all stores advertise new vacancies in there window or online. If there is a place you would like to work go in and ask directly. What’s the worst that can happen? 
7) Last but not least!
Sign up to Student Job - there is a wide range of part time jobs available including immediate starts and flexible hours.   

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