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Turning Unwanted Christmas Gifts into Cash

Turning Unwanted Christmas Gifts into Cash
December 29, 2015

We've all been there. The festive celebrations end and we start to go through all of the gifts received by loved ones and friends. Some are perfect, but unfortunately some just aren't 'us' and we haven't got the heart to let it be known at the time.

If you've got some unwanted Christmas gifts you can use a variety of services to turn them into cash. Before you do anything, you'll always get the most money by returning them to store if possible. If you've got a gift receipt you should get a full refund for the items, otherwise you may have to settle for the sale price or store credit.

For those who just want the cold hard cash, try one of these services and then treat yourself to what you really want with the money you're able to get.


Selling Unwanted Gift Vouchers

Ah the grandparents' favourite up and down the country – gift cards and vouchers for High Street stores. If you've got a gift voucher that's no use to you, first of all see if any friends want to buy it from you (for a slightly discounted price of course!).

If you've got no takers for your unwanted gift vouchers, head over to Zeek and download their free app. You can then snap your voucher from your phone and sell it directly on the platform. After fees and discounts you should end up with about 80% of the retail value of the gift voucher.


Selling Unwanted Clothing & Shoes

In recent years several fashion resale sites have popped up, making flogging your unwanted clothing even easier. Vinted is one of the most popular, allowing you to upload a photo and description before setting the price you’re prepared to accept.

Vinted take a 15% cut for their services, but it's a dedicated fashion platform so you're likely to get a better price than more generic online marketplaces such as eBay.


Selling Unwanted Electronics, CDs, DVDs and Games

If you've been given a stack of CDs for Christmas but use online streaming services and ditched that old CD player years ago, getting rid of them online is probably your best option.

If you can't be bothered to go through the process of listing them on eBay and waiting for some savvy savers to try and snap up a bargain, head over to MusicMagpie where you’ll get an instant price given for what they're prepared to offer you.

After accepting the offer you can then send them directly to MusicMagpie for free and they'll credit your bank account with the agreed amount.


Selling Everything Else for Cash

For everything else, eBay is likely to be your best friend for the next few weeks.

It's the biggest UK online marketplace for a reason, as millions of people use the site daily. The means there's a buyer for everything, whether it's a silver photo frame or kitchen gadget. You can set the minimum price you're prepared to receive for the item, as well as the shipping fees you'll charge.

All transactions are then handled securely via PayPal, which gives both the buyer and seller protection in the unfortunate event that something does go wrong. If you can't sell your unwanted Christmas gifts on eBay, it’s likely you’ll be stuck with them for good!




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