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Cool Christmas Gift Ideas from iWOOT

Cool Christmas Gift Ideas from iWOOT
November 12, 2014

With Christmas 2014 around the corner (holding off until November to mention Christmas is a pretty good effort by some of the more excitable members of our team!), we’ve started to hunt down some of the coolest gift ideas from retailers up and down the country.

Our first pick is the legendary online retailer, iWOOT (I Want One Of Those) – renowned for it’s innovative picks and knack of finding cool new products that are hard to find anywhere else.

We’ve selected a few different gifts available – some because we love the idea, others because they look pretty darn cool. In the run-up to Christmas you can also save up to 20% on your order by using one of our voucher codes for iWOOT.


Smartphone Projector - £15.99


Smartphone Projector

There’s no need for dad to dust off the ancient slide projector this year at the family gathering, with one of these smartphone projectors you can show off all your recent family vids.

The projector itself has a 8x magnification lens and allows you to project directly from your smartphone on to any wall or flat surface. Just make sure you delete any personal ‘home videos’ before you show off your adventures to the family!





Sci-Fi Movie Making Kit - £5.99


Sci Fi Making Kit

This is probably the best gift you can get a sci-fi nerd, their very own Sci-Fi Moving Making Kit. The kit itself comprises of a film studio complete with props and most importantly, the characters.

Get them to create their own script, record it on your smartphone and then use the Smartphone Projector to show it off to the rest of the family.





Reindeer Wine Rack - £16.99 (usually £20)


Reindeer Wine Rack

This really is a gift that has no possible use at any other time of the year apart from Christmas, but we love it nonetheless.

Perfect for the person who has everything, the Reindeer Wine Rack will make a great table piece on Christmas Day itself and should also keep any kids entertained at the table.


You can also disassemble it easily for storage during those other 364 days of the year.





Bungee Bird Feeder - £8.99


Bungee Bird Feeder

Gift options for keen gardeners usually consist of garden tools, a new set of gloves or a book on the delights of gardening. Mix it up this year for a greenfingered loved-one with one of these Bungee Bird Feeders, packed full of scrumptious seeds.

The recipient will get the joy of seeing the feeder bungee off whatever it’s attached to, without having to experience a bungee jump themself. It should also get the neighbours talking about what exactly is attached to the tree in the front garden!




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