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4 ways to blow your money this Valentine’s Day

4 ways to blow your money this Valentine’s Day
February 11, 2014
The nation is still gripped by recession, but some people are still lucky enough to enjoy the finer things in life. Whether it’s taking off from their helipad on a private jet, or sipping only the finest Crystal Champagne whilst watching Downton Abbey life is GOOD. 
At we like to try and cater to all people, helping you to spend your money more wisely. That’s why this week we’re taking a brief move from the Savvy Saver advice and helping the super rich to make an impression this Valentine’s Day.
For anyone with a salary under £3 million per year, please stop reading. Now we’d like to welcome any millionaires who are still reading and remind you that you’re we accept all donations for the upkeep of the site, but due to bank restrictions can’t accept any notes (loose change) below a value of £50.
So, now we’ve fended off the peasants, below is the inspiration you’ve been looking for – the ultimate ways to blow your money this Valentine’s Day.

1) Flowers for the princess

Getting the flowers right is important for anyone, no less important of course for you. Spend too little and you’ll be mocked at the Gentleman’s Club for being a ‘tight commoner’. Well, we have the perfect flower bouquet for you. 
This little baby costs just £80,000 (according to Arena Flowers), consists of only the finest white lilies, white orchids and, most importantly, the money can’t buy root of a 100 year old ficus. This will really let her know you care and she’ll no doubt be surprised by the 90 red ruby facets, 9 diamonds and a whopping 21-carat star ruby.
Trust us when we say the photo doesn’t do it justice!
 worlds most expensive flowers

2) A perfect gift for a ‘working mum’

If your partner loves to muck in with the staff and do the chores, then this beauty will knock her socks off. It’s a 24 carat gold-plated retro vacuum cleaner, available from for a snip at £800,000. 
worlds most expensive vacuum cleaner
So what do you get for your cash? A 14” extra-wide cleaning nozzle for those wide corridors, a certificate of authenticity and a 10amp high performance motor. 
You’ll also avoid those embarrassing moments of visiting a friend and realizing you bought the same hoover, as Firebox guarantees that only 100 will ever be made. Now how’s that for exclusivity.

3) Something a little racier

Victoria’s Secret have pulled it out of the bag, releasing the Fantasy Bra concept (pictured below – model not included). Priced to sell at just $10 million, it’s sure to bring a smile to your partner’s face. 
worlds most expensive bra
The Fantasy Bra itself is encrusted with just over 4,200 precious gem stones, including a stunning selection of yellow sapphires, rubies and of course, diamonds. At the centre (which is hard to miss) sits a 52-carat ruby and you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s a matching belt to finish the lingerie set off.

4) The ring

If you’re looking to really splash out this Valentine’s Day as you’re also planning on popping the question to the future Mrs Huntington-Whittingdean, we have found THE ring that she won’t be able to say no to.
worlds most expensive engagement ring
This engagement ring (which could also act as an eternity ring if you’re not looking to take the plunge just yet) was made by jewellery designer Lorraine Schwartz with a value in the region of over £3 million. Forget the Tiffany’s tat and go upmarket with a unique custom creation by this fabulous designer.

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