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Men go on stag parties regardless of cost

Men go on stag parties regardless of cost
May 07, 2013

With the huge success of The Hangover films we decided it would be interesting to see exactly how men and women are approaching the ritual of the ‘last night of freedom’. The results surprised us more than we expected, with 30% of men pre-planning a budget (and sticking to it), compared to just 20% of women.

Are men really that good at saving and if so, why? Further research showed that nearly all men in a relationship were motivated to plan based on needing to justify the expense to their partners. This may have something to do with the average cost of a stag party being almost double that of a hen do, based on the recent trends of turning it into a weekend away. The preparation appears to pay off though, as just 5% of men questioned had argued with partners over the amount of the stag event, compared with 17% of women who had fall outs over the expense of a hen do.

So how did men help to keep the cost down to make sure they could attend? The top ways men claimed to save were:
  1. Searching for discount vouchers online for food and drink
  2. Hunting down deals on hotels and then teaming up with a friend to share the room to split the cost
  3. Booking the travel in advance as soon as the date was confirmed as well as waiting for online offers for transport (flights/trains) to go live

Men are clearly committed to the stag and this is supported further by our findings that 14% more women than men claimed that they would decline an invite if they felt they couldn’t afford it.  Clearly there are some strong motivational forces at work – men are spending more but appear to be going to great lengths to reduce the cost and avoid arguments by meticulous planning.

We’d love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to get in touch via our Contact Us page if you’ve got an experience of a recent stag party of hen do.

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