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How To Find Cheap Tickets for Disneyland Paris

How To Find Cheap Tickets for Disneyland Paris
May 03, 2016

The thought of taking your kids to Disneyland Paris to treat them may get your pulse racing when you start to realize the cost. Although there are a few cheap deals to be had, it's usually cheaper to create your own package.

One of the biggest costs is that of the actual tickets, with one day prices starting from £68 per adult and £62 per child if you want to visit both parks. Like most things, if you spend a little time looking at alternative booking partners rather than using the official Disneyland Paris website, there are cheaper tickets to be had.

An important point to note – if you book at the official site you'll get physical tickets. Book at a third party site and you'll receive a voucher which has to be exchanged for the tickets on the gate. This shouldn't put you off as it's unlikely you'll have to wait a long time in more queues, but if you want the easiest option then book direct.



Cutting the cost of Disneyland Paris Tickets

For all those still reading and after a bargain, the first step is to plan ahead and be less flexible. Even on the official website, the price drops dramatically if you go on less popular dates and you commit to an exact day.

For example, the Ticket MINI is just £47 per adult and £42 per child for selected dates but if your travel plans change, you have no flexibility on picking another date.

If you're still in need of some flexibility, it's best to go down the third party reseller route. Most will provide more flexibility on dates, so you can purchase a one day or multiple day ticket and use it within any consecutive days during a 365 day period.





Example Prices from Resellers


AttractionTix is currently offering a 3 day 2 park ticket for just £119 per adult, which can be used for any consecutive days throughout the summer season. You'll also get a Fast Pass thrown in, together with free vouchers to spend within the park.

Although it's usually cheaper to book a multi-day ticket, you can often find it's worth checking the price of the one day ticket as it can work out cheaper to buy a few of these during promotional periods. It's a little more work to exchange all vouchers at the gate, but the savings may make it worth your time.

365 Tickets is also offering savings of up to 35% with it's one day tickets, starting at £39.25 per adult. If you're in a large group they're also one of a select few websites to offer additional discounts for group sizes of 12 more more.

There were previously some loopholes which allowed UK residents to book directly on third party French websites to get an even better deal. However, these have since been closed and the best way to get the cheapest tickets is buy purchasing online from an official third party UK reseller.






Which Ticket Option is Best?


If you've never visited Disneyland Paris before, you'll really need to allow 2 – 3 days to do most of it. Especially if you've got kids of different ages all wanting to go on different types of rides.

3 days is our recommended option as it gives you enough scope to not be rushing around too much. Disneyland Paris is an amazing experience in itself and you need some time to enjoy it.

It's also essential you go for the two park ticket so you're not restricted to which areas you can visit. The site is split into the main Disney Park (inclusive of castle) and the Walt Disney Studios Park, which has some fantastic attractions for both adults and kids. If you just go for the Disney Park you'll miss half of the fun and the difference in price is marginal. 




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