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Hot New Diet and Fitness Trends for 2014

Hot New Diet and Fitness Trends for 2014
January 21, 2014
We’re continuing our New Year, New You series with a topic that is at the forefront of many people’s minds come January – exercise, diets and getting that perfect body in time for the bikini season. has teamed up with leading health club Fitness First and premium health and beauty store Health Monthly to find out about the hottest health and fitness trends for 2014. 
First up exercise, and you’ll be pleased to hear that fitness regimes are going back to basics with an emphasis on high intensity bursts of exercise which can be completed using minimal equipment. 
Lee Matthews, Fitness First’s Health and Fitness Expert, explains: ‘Everyone has such busy schedules these days, people have less time for exercise so short sessions of intense exercise will be the main change seen in exercise for 2014.’
The three new methods to hit Fitness First this month? HIIT, Body weight training and group personal training.
HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is great for those tight on time, with the average session completed in under half an hour. This workout aims to get your heart beating fast through running, martial arts or weight training. Tabata, available at Fitness First’s London clubs, consists of intense four-minute workouts proven to increase aerobic and anaerobic fitness and get your heart pumping at its maximum rate. 
Tabata Class
Body weight training takes things back to basics, using your own body as a form of resistance. Simple circuits take full advantage of your surroundings, pushing high tech gadgets to one side. Lee says: ‘Fitness First’s Freestyle areas are perfect for this as they combine a range of equipment, and exercises that help create a workout with maximum effectiveness from every movement, never letting you get comfortable in a routine or tired in your thinking.’
Group personal training sessions provide a personal service in a shared environment. Attendees are motivated not only by their trainer but by others attending the session, and personal trainers are able to deliver their services in a more creative way. 
Exercise in 2014 is taking a no nonsense approach, speedy, intense and straight to the point – so there’s never been a better time to get up and get moving. 
Now’s the time to kick start your 2014 fitness regime with a three day guest membership at Fitness First available for free right now via the site.
It’s all well and good getting active in 2014, but it makes sense to couple this with a healthy eating regime. Try supplementing your diet with weight control products if your aim is to slim down as well as get fit. features a number of products which will help you reach your health, fitness and weight loss goals. This includes Now Slim, popular for 2014, which can supress the appetite and burn fat using 100% natural ingredients. Used as a supplement alongside a healthy diet, Now Slim is up to 40% more effective than its competitors. 
Now Slim Diet Noodles
Slimming aids not for you? Why not give zero noodles a try. With just 6 calories per serving this product is a fantastic alternative to the calorie rich traditional noodle. Not only that, zero noodles are carb, fat and sugar free, and ready to enjoy in just two minutes! With a slightly rubbery texture and slightly fishy smell when first opened, they might not be to everyone’s taste, but your bulking out stir fry’s and soups and staving off those hunger pangs you could do a lot worse.
Keep an eye on the site for future Health Monthly savings.
However you go about it, make health and fitness a priority for 2014. Not only will you look better on the outside, you’ll feel better on the inside.   

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