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Who’s your Celebrity Fashion Crush?

Who’s your Celebrity Fashion Crush?
February 25, 2013
With so many celebrity reality shows on TV, together with a continued focus on celebs within the media, we were keen to find out how this impacted fashion in the UK. While only 50% of men admitted to having a style crush (with Tinie Tempah being crowned King), the same was not true for women.

So who came out on top? Blake Lively, famed from being in Gossip Girl, was crowned ‘Queen of the Copycats’, with 42% of women in the survey admitting to base their own style on what the American wears. Our own Kate Middleton came in at 3rd place, just pipped to the post by feisty Rihanna. It’s clear that British women are no longer looking just at the catwalk for inspiration.

The full results are as follows:
  1. Blake Lively
  2. Rihanna
  3. Kate Middleton
  4. Rita Ora
  5. Millie Mackintosh
  6. Sarah Jessica-Parker
  7. Rosie Huntington-Whitely
  8. Kim Kardashian
  9. Jennifer Lawrence
  10. Beyonce

As you’ll notice only four out of the top ten are British, yet as a nation we’re known for our style. Celebs were also found to influence everything from hair and beauty ideas to holiday destinations and even in some cases, what a partner was encouraged to wear.  Many people are using social networks to follow both celebrities and favourite brands, perfect if you’re trying to emulate your favourite style.  Twitter seems to be the best way to keep up with celebs and their latest fashion statements, where as more women are using Facebook to be kept up to date with new lines that celebs have been snapped wearing.

If you do have a fashion crush but always struggle to get that style, here are our three top tips:

  1. Look at other items available from the same brand that has be worn by your fashion crush – you may be able to pick something up for half the price and still get a similar look.
  2. Some great retailers that sell multiple brands are now starting to do a ‘Get the look’ section on their website – it’s a great source of inspiration and shows how you can often replicate a classic outfit for a fraction of the cost.
  3. Always ask yourself ‘If they weren’t wearing it, would I still like it?’. If the answer is a firm no, don’t buy it as you may ever wear it once and unlike celebrities, most of us can’t afford the luxury of just wearing a top of trousers a couple of times.

Twitter and Facebook, together with Pinterest, have made it so much easier to see the hottest trends across the Atlantic and to see where the items can be bought. It’s now just a case of making sure that you get the best value for money in the process, especially if you have a mega fashion crush!

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