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Tesco Delivery Saver launches

Tesco Delivery Saver launches
May 17, 2013
Whether you’re already a regular online shopper at, or have just started to do your grocery shopping on the web, you can cut your monthly costs with a delivery price plan. Instead of paying between £3 and £6 in delivery charges every time you shop, you make a one-time payment to cover a specific period. We’ve delved into the plans further to help see how much you can save and which would be best for you based on your normal grocery shopping habits.

3 month/6 month Tesco delivery saver plan

How much is it and what do you get? For a one-off payment of £36 for the 3 month delivery saver, or £60 for the 6 month plan, you can have up to one grocery delivery per day, with no limitations on dates or times, i.e. there are no restrictions.

Are there any conditions with this standard Tesco delivery saver plan? The minimum order must be £40 each time you shop, however if your order falls below this due to substitutions/out of stock items when delivered you won’t be charged any extra.

Good for grocery shoppers who:

  1. Have restrictions on when delivery can take place due to other commitments, which means you usually have to opt for the more expensive weekend delivery slots
  2. Spend over £40 on top-ups between large shops, or tend to do multiple smaller shops (still over £40) each month

Potential savings:

This heavily depends on the cost you normally pay for your standard delivery slots as these range from £3 to £6. If you currently usually spend £3 each time, you’d need to be making 12 shops in the 3 month period for it to be worthwhile, which works out to be 1 shop per week. This drops to just 1 shop every 2 weeks if you currently spend £6 on a delivery slot every time.
So if you currently spend over £40 on groceries each week, have to opt for an expensive delivery slot of £6 each time, then you’d save £36 over the 12 week period (which means it’ll effectively cut your delivery costs in half).
This is based on the 3 month Tesco delivery saver plan, with the costs coming down even further with the longer 6 month option.

3 month/6 month mid-week Tesco delivery saver plan

How much is it and what do you get? It’s cheaper than the standard plan and costs just £27 for 3 months, or £45 for the 6 month plan. However, there is a restriction on dates as you can only book grocery delivery for Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Are there any conditions with this mid-week Tesco groceries plan? Like the standard Delivery Saver, the minimum order must be £40 each time you shop online but you can still have up to one delivery per day mid-week.

Perfect for grocery shoppers who:

  1. Have more flexibility on deliveries and tend to get groceries delivered mid-week (either during the day or in the evening)
  2. Shop regularly rather than one large order each month, which may be families or anyone who likes to use fresh ingredients in cooking

Potential savings:

Again it depends on the standard delivery slot costs you usually go for, which range from £3 - £.4.50. Based on the cost of the 3 month mid-week saver plan you’d need to shop 9 times in the 12 week period (if you usually pay the lowest delivery cost) for it to be worthwhile. This works out to be less than once a week, so if you normally shop weekly you’d save £9 over the time period. This would be even greater if you opted for the 6 month mid-week saver as it is already £9 less than two payments for 3 month plans.

Are the Tesco groceries delivery saver plans right for me?

With all of the plans on offer you need to be a frequent shopper to really save money, which means once a week as a minimum. Therefore it’s likely to be more beneficial for families (as the min order of £40 will easily be met), or anyone who cooks with fresh fish, meat and vegetables. It may also be for you if you spend over £160 per month at your local supermarket or online, but only opt for one monthly shop due to online delivery charges or time restraints. You could look to break it up into four smaller orders, for no additional cost and this may help you to get more fresh food in your fridge each week.

Current Tesco Delivery Saver vouchers:

  • 50% discount on the 3 month standard and mid-week Tesco delivery saver options
  • £30 off the standard 6 month plan
  • Half price 6 month mid-week delivery option


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