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Cut the cost of groceries with

Cut the cost of groceries with
July 10, 2013
Each week a different supermarket seems to launch a new price promise, telling us how much we can save on an ‘average basket’ and that they’re the cheapest. Money-back guarantees are used frequently, which begs the question – who is ultimately the cheapest if each guarantees to offer the best prices? To make your life simpler there’s a great online service provided by mySupermarket which allows you compare the cost of groceries from all of the top supermarkets across the UK.

How does work?

Essentially takes in information from all of the major supermarkets of products sold online and what the cost is. This is done in a similar way to sites like Kelkoo and Ciao where you can find the cost of an iPad at hundreds of different stores. You’re then able to see the cost of your groceries on the one website, rather than having to add items to your trolled on each of the different supermarket websites.

Comparing products one by one would obviously be very tedious, so with mySupermarket you’ll first need to select a supermarket to start shopping at, before being shown a breakdown of the cost of your trolley/basket at the other supermarkets. For example you’ll start with Asda and then see the cost of that particular basket at Tesco or Ocado. For items not sold these will be removed in order to provide a transparent comparison and you can then select the final supermarket you’d like to buy the items from. At this point you’re taken to that website to complete the order and you don’t need to add anything further to the trolley.

A great feature is that if you’ve shopped online at one of the listed supermarkets previously, you can connect the account with in order to add items from previous orders. This makes it even quicker to fill your trolley, especially if you tend to buy pretty similar items on each shop.

A few other things we like about mySupermarket

1) You can now get cashback on selected products of up to 5%. These come directly from the suppliers rather than supermarkets, which means you can buy at any supermarket so it’s very flexible. The cashback is then paid directly to your Paypal account so it’s a great way to save even more money.

2) Price alerts can be set up so you receive an email notification when the price of a certain item drops. It’s a great tool if you’re looking to buy in bulk and saves you the time of having to constantly check back yourself to see the latest price.

3) lists ‘Savvy Buys’ which are products that are at least 30% cheaper than the average price this year. This makes it really easier to find genuine offers scattered across the thousands of promotions at each supermarket store.

Overall is a great tool to save more on your grocery shopping and it doesn’t cost you a penny to use. It’s come a long way since it was launched and is really easy to use, it would be great to see some more exclusive deals set up with supermarkets though for bigger discounts of the first few times you shop – hopefully this will come in time! A final point to mention is that it’s recently started expanding into other products like Health & Beauty, which enables you to quickly identify your favourite cosmetics at online stores. It works in the same way as the grocery side and we’re hoping more product groups will also be rolled out.

You can checkout the page on which lists all available offers and discounts, to help cut your grocery bills further. 

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