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Top 3 Beauty Hacks from Avia Amos

Top 3 Beauty Hacks from Avia Amos
May 12, 2014

All regular readers will know that we’re always looking out for the niftiest tips and tricks to help you cut the cost of your day-to-day living. This week we decided to take a look at something that’s relevant to women up and down the country – beauty products.

To get the best tips we called upon the expertise of UK beauty blogger and YouTube star Avia Amos, creator of thesparkleicious channel. The challenge? Avia was asked for her Top 3 Beauty Hacks to save you time and money on your beauty regime.


Beauty Hack #1 – Multi-purpose products

Instead of buying multiple products for different uses, Avia suggests finding products that can be used in multiple ways. These include:

Max Factor Creamy Blush


Max Factor Creamy Blush – a blusher that can also double up as an eye shadow, a tinted lip balm and can be used to add some colour to your cheeks.

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Caudalie Divine Oil


Caudalie Divine Oil – a multi-purpose oil which can be used as a body oil to tan with, on your hair for some extra nourishment or on your face to add a sun-kissed glow.

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As well as having the advantage of cutting down the overall cost, they also free up some space in your make up bag and are great for fixing your make-up on the go.


Beauty Hack #2 – Using a darker face powder

Avia recommends ditching the more expensive fancy contour powders and replacing with a darker face powder that still mimics your natural skin tones.

MUA Pressed Powder


Avia herself uses the MUA Pressed Powder and advises to go two shades darker than you normally would. Apply it to the hollow of your cheekbones to slim down your face and to get that chiseled look – a brilliantly inexpensive way to get the look for less.

BUY THE PRODUCT – MUA Powder available in different shades at Superdrug for just £1




Beauty Hack #3:  Fast-acting fake tan

This beauty hack really focuses on the time-saving element – no more are the days of waiting for hours for your fake tan to develop. There’s a new generation of home tanning products, which promise a golden tan in just 60 minutes.

Fake Tan Products


The two products that Avia recommends trying are by Lauren’s Way and Cocoa Brown – both of which are mousse formulas and are perfect for using before an impromptu night out when you don’t have time to sit around.

They’re simple to apply and you only have to rinse them off after the 60 minutes is up to reveal a gorgeous bronze tan.

BUY THE PRODUCT: Lauren’s Way Rapid 60 Tan Mousse available at for £19.99

BUY THE PRODUCT: Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan available at for £7.99 PLUS get 10% off when you sign up to their newsletter

Watch Avia discussing the hacks in more detail in the video below and make sure you share any of your own beauty hacks!


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