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Christmas Hacks for a Stress-Free December

Christmas Hacks for a Stress-Free December
November 29, 2015

Christmas can be (we're lying – it’s always a bit) stressful. Make your cash and sanity go further this year with our top Christmas hacks.


Re-vamp your old tree for £2

If your artificial Christmas trees has seen better days, give it a quick make-over by using green tinsel to bulk it out. No one will ever know and you can then decorate it as normal and repeat the same trick year after year.


Make your own fancy home décor finishes

If you're trying to add a touch of class to this year’s proceedings, dip pinecones in standard white emulsion paint and scatter them around the house. They’ll look like shop-bought decorations and will still be good for next year.


Quick and cheap festive treats for kids

Add a few drops of green food colouring to a rice crispie cake recipe to make these budget festive treats for the kids. You can also use cheerios and decorating icing to make fab mini donuts. Mmmmm!


Clear up glitter spills in a jiffy

After the kids have made their cards and found a way to cover every surface with glitter, go around with a ball of play dough and you'll find it lifts it in seconds.


Make your life easier for next Christmas

Wrap your Christmas fairy lights around a triangular coat hanger so next year you don't have the unenviable task of spending two hours attempting to unravel them.



Wow your guests with festive ice bowls

Use two glass mixing bowls around 3cm difference in size and place the smaller one inside the larger one. Fill the same between with water and use sellotape to keep the smaller bowl centred. Add some festive garnish to the water (holly works well) and put in the freezer overnight.

Before you’re ready to use the ice bowl place the glass bowl in a sink of warm water and add more warm water to the smaller bowl. In a couple of minutes you should be able to separate them and use your ice sculpture to serve festive ice cream (or other frozer treats!)

If you've got any Christmas hacks of your own please use the comments section below to share them.



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