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The top 3 TV apps for iPhone

The top 3 TV apps for iPhone
July 02, 2013

We now live in a world off apps, with the Apple App Store providing more than any other platform, ranging from sports to cooking. This week we’ve picked out three of the best TV apps available which are completely free to download and are perfect for TV-lovers.

1. TVGuide originally launched online to compete with the infamous Radio Times and quickly rose in popularity due to it’s simple, uncluttered listings. It was one of the first to launch an app, which has been upgraded multiple times to get it to the format we see the TV Guide app in today.

Why we love the TVGuide app:
  • It has one of the simplest interfaces, making it easy to search through TV listings in just a matter of seconds and with minimal advertising.
  • There’s a whole suite of additional information on programmes and films listed so within just a couple of clicks you can find reviews or see other available times that what you’re looking to watch is being shown.
  • For anyone with a Smart TV connected to the internet you can use the app as a remote control

2. Zeebox

Zeebox is what’s known as a second-screen companion app, as the idea is that you use it while watching TV (TV is one screen, the app is the second).  More and more of us are using smartphones all the time around the house and this app embraces it, encouraging us to use it to engage further with what we’re watching, rather than it being a distraction

Why we love the Zeebox app:
  • You can instantly see what’s trending so it’s great if you want to get involved in the conversation and watch what all of the noise is about
  • Zeetags (essentially tags of what’s hot) appear live as you watch and within a couple of clicks you can find more information from a huge array of sources
  • It allows you to set up viewing parties with friends, perfect if you normally send tweets or texts about what your watching, as it gives you a huge amount of extra features on top so that everyone watching can get involved

3. BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer app is probably the most recognized download or on-demand service in the country, with millions of us now using it to catch up on TV. The app is now available across more devices than ever before and continues to improve to make the viewing experience even better.

What we love about the BBC iPlayer app:
  • It’s incredibly easy to use, which makes it great for both people who have used apps for years as well as those who have just got a smartphone. The interface is by far one of the prettiest out there.
  • Within just a matter of minutes you can load your iPhone up with BBC programmes to watch, whether it’s on the commute or on holiday. As everything is downloaded you don’t have to worry about any streaming charges or huge data roaming bills (as long as you download the content before leaving your house!)
  • You can add programmes to your ‘Favourites’ list so every episode is gathered together and then new ones are automatically added – perfect if you love your soaps or a good drama series

All of the apps are also available for the iPad, as well as on Android so you can test them for yourselves if you haven’t got an iPhone.

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