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Sonos - Ultimate Music Streaming

Sonos - Ultimate Music Streaming
September 28, 2012
Sonos has been around for several years but is still relatively unknown as it was marketed predominantly in the States and smaller HiFi stores. However, with John Lewis and other large retailers now stocking Sonos products the popularity is growing.


So what is Sonos?

Sonos is a wireless HiFi System which enables you to stream all of the music on earth in every room of your home.

1) You start by buying a Sonos streaming box or box with built in speaker.

2) You connect the box to your broadband router to get a connection to the internet and build your Sonos home network.

3) Download the Sonos controller app to your smartphone/PC/laptop (to save buying the Sonos controller) and follow the instructions to connect your Sonos box to the controller.

4) You'll now be able to stream music from radio stations, Spotify or your own computer (if you connect it to the Sonos box).

5) Add more boxes and stream the same music in each room (so there's one song playing across all boxes) or different music for each room.

The set up for Sonos is extremely quick and easy, the controller app walks you through the set up from start to finish.


So why do we love it so much?

Simplicity - it's a fantastic streaming system which enables you to play any song in the world (thanks to Spotify) across your home, perfect for parties. You can also get an accessory to dock an iPod/iPhone into the system so anyone visiting can use the music stored on their phone. It's so beautiful and well made that if you swapped the Sonos logos for Apple nobody would notice.

The one drawback - the cost. Each unit will set you back over £250 so if you want to kit out four rooms it'll cost you over £1,000. 



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