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Saving money on Bonfire Night

Saving money on Bonfire Night
November 04, 2012

Bonfire night is a much loved celebration throughout the UK. This uniquely British event is steeped in history, with fireworks, bonfires, sparklers and delicious food all contributing to the magic of the evening.

However, the cost of bonfire night can quickly add up, making it a significant expense for hard-pressed families on a budget.


Fireworks can be expensive and the cost of food and drink to entertain friends and family can quickly escalate. However, there are ways in which to ensure that you have a memorable night without breaking the bank.


Instead of buying your own fireworks, consider visiting an organised display. This involves less effort and eliminates the pressure of entertaining family and friends. Although the ticket price for some local firework displays can be fairly high, there are numerous free events throughout the country. Some events may charge for adults whilst admitting children for free. It is also worth searching for online deals: events such as Sparks in the Park display in Cardiff offer up to 40% discount for booking online.


If you cannot find a free firework display in your local area, there are plenty of imaginative ways in which to enjoy the day with minimal cost. If you live in a town or city, find a local hill that offers a spectacular view of fireworks throughout your area. Take along home made snacks for a completely free experience that rivals many organised events. White Nancy in Bollington, for example, provides stunning views of fireworks across the Manchester Region and can be accessed completely free of charge.


If you decide to have a bonfire party at home, there are still many ways in which to control costs. Ask guests to bring one or two fireworks along and have a competition to see whose fireworks are the most popular. When creating dishes for the evening, steer clear of expensive and complicated meals and instead stick to some warm winter classics.


Traditional meals such as Bangers and Mash or a Shepherd’s pie cost relatively little, yet will be appreciated far more than an expensive selection of party food from a local supermarket. Cheap marshmallows that can be toasted on the fire are an inexpensive way of adding charm to an evening and are a great alternative to expensive desserts or time consuming attempts to bake cakes and puddings.


Another option is to share the burden of entertaining and reduce costs by organising a street party. Not only will this save money, but it will also be reminiscent of traditional bonfire nights in the UK. Why not get together with your neighbours and share the costs for a memorable community event?


To keep children entertained on bonfire night with minimal cost, try getting them involved in making tasty snacks. Instead of buying mass produced toffee apples, get the kids to help make their own. This will reduce costs and can keep children entertained for hours.


Bonfire night is an historic tradition in England that brings together friends, family and the community in celebration. There are many ways in which to enjoy the evening without breaking the bank provided that you use a little imagination.


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