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Parenting Life Hacks – Long Car Journeys

Parenting Life Hacks – Long Car Journeys
May 09, 2014

As a parent, long car journeys may fill you with dread and you may do everything do avoid them. Fear not, we’ve called on some parenting bloggers to share their parenting life hack on making car journeys stress-free and enjoyable for you all.

First up is Colette from, who believes is forward planning. Collete suggests planning in plenty of stops to keep everyone fed and to avoid any potential toilet mis-haps.

She also suggests building up an arsenal of activities to keep the kids entertained, from favourite programmes downloaded to tablets to classics such as iSpy. If all else fails – make sure you’ve got plenty of sweets to hand to avoid any tears and tantrums.

Next up with have Laura from Petit Moi. Laura also believes pre-planning is key, making sure you’ve got plenty of snacks packed. This way, you won’t have to fork out the hefty prices at the service stations when you do stop for a break.

For entertainment Laura recommends audio CDs – great for keeping them entertained with a story or two and it also allows them to look out of the car whilst listening, which can help with travel sickness.

Laura’s final tip will appeal to the organisers among you and it’s a cracker. Try using a shoe tidy on the back of the front seats to keep everything in it’s place, as well as making sure everything is to hand so you don’t have to stop in order to dig that game out of the boot.


Our final expert is another Laura and this time from Mummy To Boyz. Laura echoes the importance of pre-planning and stacking up on those snacks – however you do need to be prepared to adapt to your plans if necessary without getting frustrated.


Laura believes the most important thing is to take it at your child’s pace and to enjoy it – this can help to save hours of tantrums and should make the whole car journey less stressful.


Tips to share? Comment below to help other parents across the UK who are about to embark on a long car journey with the kids.


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