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October Half Term Ideas

October Half Term Ideas
October 22, 2013
October half term is a great time for keeping the kids entertained before the final stint before Christmas, as there are so many things to do across the country. We’ve rounded up our top choices below so you don’t get stuck for ideas at any point throughout the week.

Take a trip to London or your local city

London is a beautiful place to visit in Autumn, especially if it’s a sunny day, with masses for the kids to see. It tends to be quieter than during the summer as many of the tourists have left and it’s the calm before the storm as millions descend on the capital for Christmas shopping. 
 Most train operators offer 2 for 1 days out with your train tickets so you can cut the cost of tourist attractions in half, as well as offering a rainy day guarantee so you get your money back you decide not to go due to bad weather.
Some of our favourite sights in London include the fabulous Science Museum, the National History Museum (both free) and the London Dungeons. All will keep kids of all ages entertained and if you want to cut the cost further, head to the free museums and exhibits across London as well as the open spaces such as Hyde Park. 
If London is too far, why not check out the sights of a city nearer to you as many will have Autumn exhibitions and sights that are free to visit. 

Get ready for Halloween

Use a rainy day as an excuse to get the kids in the spirit of Halloween which takes place at the end of the week. You can make costumes, carve out pumpkins and cook up some tasty treats – our favourites are the gingerbread ghost and Halloween jelly. We’ve done a separate article on Halloween costume ideas on a budget if you’re looking for inspiration and need to keep the costs down.
If you want to take it one step further why not plan your very own Halloween party for both the adults and kids. Costumes should be compulsory and other parents can get involved with cooking up some spooky recipes for your own version of the Great British Bake Off.

Visit some spooky places

Following on from the Halloween theme, October is the time to visit castles and other supposedly haunted buildings and places across the UK.  Statford-upon-Avon is putting on a month long festival dedicated to Halloween throughout October and Warwick Castle is also celebrating in style with a witches tour and late night openings. As most exhibits are suitable for all ages, both children who love a good fright as well as those more timid will love it and can get involved as much as they feel they want to.
Make sure you book any tickets online to get the best deal as you can often save around 25% compared to the standard prices on the gates – you may also be able to benefit from 2 for 1 deals by booking directly.

Go on a family road trip

Yes petrol costs are a huge issue but road trips don’t have to be huge, it’s all about the experience of the trip. Use the opportunity to visit family and friends within a 100 mile radius and break it down into short trips of no longer than 2 hours. 
You should take the ‘scenic’ route where possible and go equipped with some great car games such as taking photos of particular sights or finding the biggest mountain (this last one only works for small children!).  You’ll be surprised what you see if you aren’t rushing down the motorway and should be able to do the entire trip on under a tank of fuel. 
If you’re feeling more adventurous, turn the road trip into a spooky trip of ghost hunting by stopping at haunted places, castles and forests on the way. 

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