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How to buy a new TV for less

How to buy a new TV for less
April 29, 2013
Buying a new TV can be like sifting through a mountain of abbreviations and new technology, so where do you start? We’ve put together our key tips so you end up with the perfect TV and at the best possible price.

Step 1 - Define what would be your ‘best’ TV. For example do you want to watch BBC iPlayer through it, based on space available does it need to hang on the wall, or do you need integrated Freesat on it. This should give you a list of what really matters about your new TV so when you check out reviews on the best TVs this year, you only check out the ones with the features you’re interested in. A few examples are listed below:

a) “I want to hang it on the wall” – all TV weights are listed in KG so just look for the lighter models

b) “I want to watch on demand services such as 4oD but don’t have an internet socket near it” – look out for one which has WiFi integrated rather than Ethernet

c) “I’d have family abroad I speak to a lot” – some TVs now come with integrated web cams for Skype

Step 2 – Confirm your budget. This is an easy one – you just need to decide how much you can afford to spend on the TV and stick to it, rather than having an open ended budget which may mean you’re swayed into buying a higher price model.

Step 3 – Look for any TV offers. We list all voucher codes and discounts in the ‘Electronics’ category, or you can just search for ‘TVs’ in the search box. This may sway your decision on where to buy your TV based on any discounts or extras you’ll receive, such as a free 5 year guarantee at John Lewis.

Step 4 – Get hunting. Now you know what features you’re after, how much you’re prepared to spend and what discounts are available, you can head over to the relevant websites to see what’s on offer. Use the price filters to make sure you aren’t tempted by a more expensive model and any other filters on features, which will cut down the time sifting through TVs. Read the specs for each model that’s within budget and is the right size and compare side by side if possible. John Lewis make it extremely easier to compare up to 4 at a time so you can check if you’re getting extra features on one particular model.

Step 5 – Review the options. Read reviews both on the retailer’s website as well further impartial reviews on sites like or tech sites like Tech Radar and T3. If you were torn between a couple of TVs these reviews will help you to make the final decision.

TVs are now bundled with so many features that the best TV in class will be the one that has the most relevant features for you, based on how you’d look to use it. All manufacturers like Sony and Samsung run new models each year, with multiple versions such as four 40inch LED TVs, with the most expensive merely having the most features (which is why they’ll always comes top in the best TV surveys and alike). It’s likely you can get the same spec from the previous year’s best TV, in the lowest spec of this year’s model.

Stick to your budget, the features that are most important to you and then the final decision will come down to reviews and styling – you won’t then get carried away and will get the best value for money.

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