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Gift Finder Tool to help you save more online

Gift Finder Tool to help you save more online
December 14, 2013
If you’re shopping on a budget (as about 99% of us are) and want to get the right gift, but at the right price, our new Gift Finder tool is here to help. We’ve developed a great new feature on the site which lets you find if any discounts are available for a wide range of products, from fashion to experience days. It’s great to use for finding any gifts currently on sale and heavily reduced, as well as for getting some inspiration based on how much cash you have available to spend.
Best of all the tool is integrated across the entire site, which makes it easy to find the biggest discounts for a specific product, a certain type of gift like an experience day, or at a particular store such as

Using the Gift Finder if you know what you want to buy

The simplest way to find a specific gift at the best price is to use the search box at the top of the page. You can search for just about anything, whether it’s chocolates, a watch or even an ipad case. 
On the results page you’ll be provided with a list of any stores that sell the item you’ve searched for, but most importantly any specific voucher codes or promotions for the product. If you click on the ‘On Sale Today’ tab you’ll then be able to view any reductions available on that item. This means in just a few seconds you can search across multiple stores to see where you can get the gift for the cheapest price. 
Gift Finder Tool

Using the Gift Finder if you’re looking for inspiration

As part of the tool, we’ve grouped all of the discounts available in a specific category. This means you can instantly see all available discounts, ranked by the highest savings, at all of the top gift stores in the UK. 
You can either check out the main Gifts Category page or drill down deeper into particular types of gifts, such as Experience Days or Chocolates. Underneath all of the voucher code and discount offers, you’ll see everything reduced relating to that category. It’s the easiest way to get some inspiration if you’ve got no idea where to start and want to make your budget go as far as possible.
Finding Experience Day Discounts

Using the Gift Finder if you have a favourite store

For any stores that we have the tool set up for, you can view all discounts for gifts at that specific store just by visiting their main offers page on 
To try the Gift Finder tool in this way check out the Buyagift Voucher Codes page and check out everything in the ‘On Sale Today at Buyagift’ section. Use the filters on the left to filter down further by the type of gift you want to buy. This is the quickest way to find everything discounted at your favourite store if you’ve grown to love the service they provide and wouldn’t shop anywhere else.
Finding Discounts at

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