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A Simple Guide to Christmas Returns

A Simple Guide to Christmas Returns
December 20, 2013
We’ve all been there; waited with baited breath to open a Christmas present only to be left disappointed by what we find inside… A dress that doesn’t fit, another pair of socks or an ABBA tribute album - just some of the things you thought you never wanted, and quite frankly don’t.
But fear not, because has teamed up with Julie Cheung, Finance Girl blogger, who’s here to explain our rights when it comes to Christmas gift returns...
Julie says; ‘While retailers in the UK have no legal obligation to offer a refund unless an item is faulty, many - particularly around the festive period - will offer a ‘good will returns policy.’
To maximise your chances of getting a successful refund follow Julie’s simple advice:
  • Check a stores Xmas return policy as each one will offer different periods following the purchase during which an item can be returned or exchanged. Some may only offer a refund of the current retail price of the item while others will give you store credit rather than cash.
  • Hold onto receipts for yourself and ask for specific gift receipts to give along with the present to make life easier for the recipient should they need to return it.
  • If possible, take the card that was used to buy the item with you as the Consumer Protection Act gives you additional cover with purchases made by credit card.
  • Don’t break any seals or open the packaging as this will void most return policies.
  • Remember that most perishable items such as food or personalised, custom- made gifts cannot be returned.
  • Any orders made online can be cancelled or returned within seven working days, even if the item is not faulty.
  • The seller guaranteed delivery by Christmas but the item did not arrive until afterwards, you are entitled to a refund.
Don’t let an unwanted gift fill you with dread - plan ahead and know your rights to ensure you and your loved ones are covered this Christmas.
Do you have any great tips or advice for returning gifts at Christmas? Let us know by contacting us here.

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