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6 Quirky Gifts for Valentine’s Day

6 Quirky Gifts for Valentine’s Day
February 07, 2014
Whether you’ve been with your partner for what feels like eternity, or just a few weeks, laughter and smiles can add some extra magic to your relationship.
Banish the idea in your head of getting standard gifts like fragrance, flowers or chocolates, step outside the box and be bold this year. We’ve rounded up some of the quirkiest Valentine’s Day gifts out there. Enjoy!

Smitten Mittens

For cuddly couples, these smitten mittens are perfect for those lazy Sunday afternoon walks. Available at for £24.99, the Smitten kit comes complete with the two-handled woolen mit, together with another glove for each of you so your other hand doesn’t get cold. 
smitten mittens
Slightly ridiculous but just about the clearest display of public affection you can get if you just can’t bare not to be able to hold hands.

50 Shades of You

The nation has been captivated by the tales of Mr Gray and now you can have the chance to both star in your very own personalised erotic novel.  
personalised adult novel
It’s simple to do, adding your name, hair colour and other details about you and your partner. The personalised adult novel is then completely tailored around the information you provide.
Quite a few stores sell their own variation, including PrezzyBox at £24.95. You can also take a further 10% off this price by using the PrezzyBox voucher code currently available.

Romantic Rewards

Think of Romantic Rewards as IOU’s but about a thousand times more exciting. Available at PrezzyBox for under £10, within the box you’ll receive 48 cards, which span across 12 different rewards. 
romantic rewards
It’s then just a case of picking a card at random, scratching off the coating to reveal the Romantic Reward, and then your partner can fulfill the reward. A nice little gift if you want to put some fun back into your relationship. 

Tandem Bungee Jump

If you’ve ever done a bungee jump before, you’ll know the rush of adrenaline you get at the point before you take the leap.  For adrenaline junkies, what better experience can you get than sharing that moment with your partner? 
Leading gift experience provider, Virgin Experience Days, is offering a Lovers Leap Bungee at 8 different locations across the UK, for a cost of £120 (which also includes a small bottle of bubbly). Just hope that you both agree when you’re 170 feet up in the air when to jump!
lovers leap tandem bungee jump

Adult Games - Connect Four

Looking to really step things up a gear this year? The famous Connect Four has now been turned into an adult game, Foreplay In A Row. Available at for £12.99, the aim is to get four of your coloured discs in a row. 
fore-play in a row
Each disc contains a foreplay activity listed on it – you can either act these out while playing the game, or let the winner claim everything when they have their four discs in a row.

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

A simple romantic gesture, make breakfast in bed using this quirky heart egg mould. At a bargain price of just £3.99 and available at a huge range of online retailers including, it’s incredibly simple to use and will turn out perfect heart-shaped eggs every time.
heart egg mould
We also think it would make a pretty nifty jelly mould to add an extra touch to an ice-cream desert if you’re planning on cooking a romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day.

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