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5 Quirky Stocking Filler Ideas

5 Quirky Stocking Filler Ideas
December 06, 2013
There’s nothing more exciting for children and adults alike to tip out the stocking on Christmas morning to see what Santa has bought. Away from the main Christmas presents, these are the little gems that keep us entertained all day and bulk up our pile of presents. It’s often hard to keep it fresh each year, so we’ve picked out some of our favourite stocking filler ideas to give you inspiration this year. All of them should be suitable for people of all ages, making it easier for you to buy in bulk to get further discounts if you’re catering for the whole family.

Novelty egg cup

Start Christmas day off with your very own novelty egg cup – perfect for just about anyone who likes eggs. PrezzyBox has a quirky soldier egg cup with matching toast cutter for under a tenner. Alternatively you’ll find an array of designs in most good cookware stores such as the Steamer Trading Cook Shop.
Soldier Egg Cup

Touch gloves

With most of the UK population now with a smartphone of some variety, be it an Android or iPhone, a new problem has arisen of using a touch screen in the winter. Previously it was easy by using the standard wool gloves to poke at the buttons on the phone – this is in no way possible when you're met with a glass panel. The answer – you can now get touch/smart gloves specifically to use with smartphones. These look like normal gloves but have special conductive material woven into the fingertips. Available at most online gadget stores such as for around £8, these can be rolled up and stuffed into the stocking and will be a welcome addition to the wardrobe of anyone fed up of having to take their gloves off to use their phone during the winter months.
Smart Gloves

Poly Gliders

Poly gliders used to be a common site in most toy shops and newsagents, but recently have disappeared from most high streets altogether. To re-fresh your memory, these are the small gliders made out of a strange foam-like material with a plastic tip you add on to the nose, that can be thrown by hand and do loop-the-loops (until they finally snap!). Luckily, they’re having a bit of a resurgence online and you can now pick them up from as little as 60p at stores like We think kids will love to find one in their stocking, as will any adults who had hours of fun themselves playing with the gliders when they were little.
Poly Glider

Vegetable seed packets

This may sound random and not at all interesting to find in a Christmas stocking – dig a bit deeper though and you may just see why it’s a great little filler. With such a focus on organic produce and grow your veg across the media, most adults would like to give it a try but won’t think about how to get started.  Likewise, children love seeing things grow and being a part of how something is made, making the seeds a great stocking filler for everyone. They’re cheap to pick up and if you’re making multiple stockings, just mix up the seeds that each person will get. Come Spring time, you can then have a competition to see who grows the best veg!
Packets of Seeds

Mini slinky

The slinky gained worldwide notoriety in the 1980s and soon dropped out of fashion as computer games took hold. You can now get mini versions for just a couple of pounds at, making a great nostalgic stocking filler for adults and a beautifully simple toy for children. It won’t keep them entertained for days, but will give them something to talk about when they head back to school in January. If you’re buying more than one slinky, add a bit of fun on Christmas day by setting up a slinky race down the stairs with a prize for the winner. 
Metal Slinky

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