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5 Fun Ideas for your Easter Egg Hunt

5 Fun Ideas for your Easter Egg Hunt
April 08, 2014

Kids of all ages love Easter egg hunts and it’s no surprise why they do. Who wouldn’t love the excitement of ‘the hunt’ before being rewarded in hoards of chocolate?

Whether you’re planning your first Easter egg hunt with young kids or have become a seasoned master, here are 5 creative ideas to mix it up and make your Easter Egg hunt the best one on the street.


1) Hunt for treasure under the stars

Most people will do an Easter egg hunt during the for no other reason than because it’s what everyone else does.  One of the simplest ways to add some variety into the occasion is to hold it at dusk, arm the kids with torches and get them rampaging around the garden or in the house.


2) Make it personal with colour-coordinated eggs

Put an instant stop to any potential squabbles about who found the most eggs by splitting the pack of eggs equally and giving each child a colour of egg to look for. This means they’ll only be on the hunt for their own eggs and you can add some competition back in by having a larger prize for the child who finds all of their eggs first.

It also makes it simpler for you to make sure that the eggs for younger players are easier to find, as well as giving them some practice with recognizing different colours.


3) A further challenge for older players

Keeping with the theme of eggs, get older children in the hunt to hold a real egg on a spoon the whole way around. Rather than being able to make a dash for it, it will slow their pace so that younger players also have a chance.

If there are enough children playing you can also have an Egg & Spoon race at the end with a special super duper prize for the winner.


4) Add some clues so it’s a real treasure hunt

Rather than just having the chocolate eggs dotted around for the kids to find, put a clue with each one (make sure you make enough copies for everyone playing) that leads them to the next egg to find.

It’s a great way to get them thinking and enables them to team up in pairs (if they fancy it) to add some extra brainpower to find the eggs faster.


5) A treasure hunt isn’t real without a pot of treasure at the end

Add a simple spin on the hunt by getting everyone dressed up as pirates. You can add some clues and maps along the way (with chocolate eggs at each stage) to lead them to the ultimate prize – buried treasure!

For the treasure box itself, you can use an old ice-cream box or giftbox, lined with gold foil. Then just pack it to the brim with chocolate and other Easter treats.

Captain Jack Sparrow would be proud!



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