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3 of the most beautiful fashion mobile websites

3 of the most beautiful fashion mobile websites
October 08, 2013
More and more of us are now shopping on mobiles and tablets rather than on desktop PCs and laptops. It’s convenient, can be done from anywhere and makes shopping with friends even easier. Some of the largest names in the industry have revamped their fashion mobile websites to improve the experience for you so there’s no more pinching in to find the colour options or fit. We’ve rounded up what we believe to be some of the most stunning examples of mobile fashion sites in the UK.

ASOS Mobile Website

The homepage of the ASOS mobile website is one of the cleanest and simplest of all fashion mobile websites, giving you just three options for your next step. It’s clearly focused around shopping with ‘Shop Men’, ‘Shop Women’ and ‘Sign In’ as the options, which may put you off if you’re just looking for some style tips. Don’t be though, as when you get into the rest of the ASOS mobile site you’ll get all of the information needed to create the perfect look.
What we love about the ASOS mobile site
The ASOS mobile website is packed full of images, all showing off the most popular fashion pieces across the site so you can quickly find the hottest new looks. This is a great time saver if you love following the latest trends and rely on the guidance of fashion brands to help you out. You’re then met with really simple filter options to narrow down your search by brands or size, before sorting the results based on your preference. It’s beautifully laid out and is extremely intuitive rather than having to guess what your next click should be.
If you know exactly what you’re after you’ll love the top search box which will display results as you type, together with the number of items for that search (for example 193 for ‘skinny jeans’, of which only 16 are for women). It also displays your recent searches so you can get back to previous pages in just a couple of clicks – again, another great time saver that we love on the mobile site. 
The ‘Buy The Look’ feature on product pages is especially useful if you need a complete outfit as it will show you all fashion pieces within the photo for you to add to your bag. 
What could be better on the ASOS mobile site
Although the product and category pages are beautifully simple and elegant, the checkout process is somewhat laborious if you haven’t shopped with ASOS previously. There’s no option to checkout as a guest and you’re forced to complete lots of personal details including your date of birth and gender, which isn’t really necessary just to buy fashion on your mobile. It would be great if ASOS included the guest checkout option as it would save even more time, especially if you’re in a rush or have a poor internet connection.

Mulbery Mobile Website

As you’d expect from Mulberry, their mobile site oozes luxury with a simple design with the golden logo taking centre stage. There’s a huge amount of images across the site showing the pieces from each collection modeled in catwalk shows, together with simple category breakdowns to make shopping for both yourself and others easier. 
What we love about the Mulberry mobile site
The product pages are beautifully simple, with multiple images of the bags and fashion accessories so you can instantly see close-ups of the finer details on each piece. Unlike other mobile fashion sites, content hasn’t been stripped down so you still get a mass of product information about the fabric and features clearly laid out , together with some useful tips on the best care products to use. 
The menu is again simple to use with a drop down to select the category you’d like to visit, together with a further top menu which makes browsing easier with the ‘Explore’ option if you aren’t looking to buy at the time.
After filling your basket with luxury Mulberry bags you can then check out as a guest rather than being forced to tediously sign up for an account like on many other mobile sites. The fields are nice and big so there’s no risk of hitting the wrong button and you can buy any item on the mobile site in just a matter of minutes. It’s a stunning mobile site and makes shopping on your phone even more enjoyable if you’re looking to treat yourself with the ultimate luxury bags.
What could be better on the Mulberry mobile website
It’s not just an aspect of the mobile site as it’s also the case on the standard Mulberry website, and that is the delivery charge. After just about convincing yourself to spend hundreds of pounds on a bag, you’re then met with an additional £8 delivery fee at the checkout – we would LOVE to see this disappear altogether. Apart from that, the Mulberry mobile site generally ticks all of the boxes but could be improved perhaps with some videos of products being shown off on the catwalk to get a better idea of how the bags hang.

Hunter Boots Mobile Website

It may sounds like a strange one to include rather than the likes of Topshop or New Look, but it’s in the list for a reason and that’s because the Hunter mobile site has a beautiful design. It’s more like an app than a mobile website, with the top bar remaining fixed in place to make navigating around the site as simple as it could be. Images are used heavily throughout and the whole Hunter mobile website has clearly been thought through by a team of designers and fashion experts working together.
What we love about the Hunter Boots mobile site
As soon as you land on the Hunter mobile website you’re met with images of the boots in the latest collection, as well as quick links to main departments based on gender and age. This means only one click is required to see the hottest new styles and you can then delve deeper into the product pages.
On the product pages, there’s a great colour option tool beneath the main image of the boots and in a click you can see the boots in your preferred colour, rather than having to scroll through all images. The size chart allows you to see which parts of your lower legs you should measure and then underneath you’ll find a full description, together with information on how the boots are crafted.  All beautifully simple and there if you want it – if not just hit the ‘add to bag’ button and in another click you’ll reach the checkout. 
One of our favourite features on the Hunter Boots mobile website is the Store Finder tool, which enables you to find nearby stockists. Buying footwear online is never easy so it’s a great aspect as it doesn’t just include Hunter Boots own-stores and you’ll get a helpful map for directions.
If you’re a fan of Hunter and are looking for inspiration rather than just buying boots, make sure you checkout the Blog section which is again beautifully laid out so you can check out which celebs have been caught wearing Hunters at festivals. All in all it’s got one of the nicest designs of any fashion mobile website and is great if you need a pair of boots in a hurry with next day delivery available if you order by 3pm.
What could be better on the Hunter Boots mobile website
Like the ASOS mobile site, there’s no option to checkout as a guest and this would a great feature to add. However, saying this the information required for an account is less than ASOS asks for and is information that will be used for payment and shipping, so we can just about let Hunter off on this aspect! 
Although related products are shown on each product page, it would be useful if Hunter broke this down further by separating out the care products so you can quickly pick up some boot shine for your stunning new pair of Hunter wellies.

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