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3 Autumn Fashion Trends Not to Miss

3 Autumn Fashion Trends Not to Miss
October 10, 2013

Autumn Fashion Trend #1 – Tartan

Tartan has been seen right across the catwalks and is now up and down the country in high street stores.  Yes it’s back and in a big way – if you’ve missed it so far you’re living in cave. 
If you’re on a budget, look out for prints rather than the real thing. Use sparingly rather than wearing head-to-toe and look out for some of the more unusual colours to add lift to any work outfit. 
There are also some fabulous tartan coats being sold that won’t look out of place for any occasion and will keep you warm during the cold walk home or stood at the platform waiting for the train. 
For something more subtle, The Cambridge Satchel Company has released a stunning bag with just a hint of tartan on the front and it will look gorgeous teamed up with a long black jacket.

Autumn Fashion Trend #2 – Camouflage

Following on from an old classic pattern being back, camouflage is set to be big this season and the selection on offer is bigger than ever. It’s almost a perfect trend as it’s so versatile and can be picked up in some many formats, as well as being affordable to just about everyone.
If you want to go bold, get yourself a pair of camo print skinny jeans and team up with a plain t-shirt. A camouflage parker will also do the trick and will go with nearly everything in your wardrobe.
For anyone not looking to delve too deeply into the camouflage look, start up with a camouflage print wallet or clutch and you’ll be hooked almost instantly. You can then move up to a scarf or larger bag – just make sure you don’t mix too many different prints!

Autumn Fashion Trend #3 – Pastel Colours

If you’re not a fan of camouflage or tartan then subtle pastel colours may be just the ticket. The beautiful pastel pinks, blues and greens seen across the 1960s are now back in vogue and there are some brilliant examples all over the high street.
Pastel pink overcoats will bring an air of Spring and Summer to the darker days, offering a perceived weightlessness rather than looking like a heavy winter jacket. Powder pink is an ultra feminine shade and now is the time to wear it.
For something more fun, check out the classic high-top trainers that are now available in a range of pastel shades and offer a comfortable alternative to flats.
If you still want something more subtle that doesn’t scream pastel, get yourself a pair of Audrey Hepburn sunglasses in a light shade or a delicate piece of costume jewellery embezzled with pastel-coloured stones.

Other Autumn Fashion trends to look out for

Pencil and fluted skirts are back in, in a huge variety of fits and fabrics. Go for a heavier wool blend for those colder days and add colour to accentuate curves.
Fans of patent jackets will be happy as it’s set to make a comeback and we’ve already seen them in everything from fuscia pink to brilliant black. Yes they are shiny and many will be put off, but they’ll make you stand out in a crowd and immediately make your outfit iconic.
Finally, Autumn wouldn’t be the same without a wooly jumper and this year it’s the turn of the roll-neck to take centre stage. They’re extremely light, warm beyond belief and are also taking the male fashion world by storm.

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